Take a free test and the algorithm will create a recipe especially for you

Based on a questionnaire or blood test, our unique algorithm and team of doctors select an individual set of vitamins for each client

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Get a personalized vitamin recipe

After passing the test, the algorithm will offer a vitamin recipe created for you. The algorithm was created by doctors and supported by clinical studies
You will receive a personalized complex with all the necessary recommendations and the vitamins themselves inside! The complex consists of 4 vitamins for each of 30 days

Take vitamins and enjoy the results

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VITAMANIA — a service for selecting vitamins based on a smart learning neural network

New generation personalized vitamin complexes based on a neural network algorithm and clinical researches

The algorithm is 92% accurate

Technology and medicine

Individual approach

Before the launch, we tested algorithm more than 1000 times. Also, doctors from various medical centers passed our health questionnaire with patients and the recommendations of the algorithm coincided by more than 92% with the recommendations of these doctors.
We have combined the efforts of a team of doctors from different fields: biotechnologists and IT specialists to create a neural network. Clinical research, continuous algorithm training and the VITAMANIA database help to analyze and track the health status of each person and offer smart solutions for managing their body.
All neural network recommendations are checked by our doctors and, if necessary, they can change the complex or give individual advice to achieve a better result.

Every person has something that can be improved in their body. Find out what it is with us and improve the quality of your life easily!

Our vitamins are suitable for absolutely everyone, all that remains is to create the perfect recipe for everyone

VITAMANIA compositions are absolutely safe for people and the environment

Constant fatigue, insomnia, stress
ACNE, deterioration of skin condition
Poor blood clotting
Gaining excess weight
Hair loss and deterioration in its quality
Problems with the gastrointestinal tract
Frequent colds and acute respiratory viral infections
Decreased libido
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

More than 10 million possible combinations of a vitamin recipe made from the best European ingredients, according to your individual parameters

Fast delivery within the UAE

Delivery is carried out to almost all towns across UAE, pickup is available in Dubai.

European quality, several stages of inspection

The components of vitamin complexes are tested in 3 stages so that only the best components get into your hands.

Fast support for any questions 24/7

Individual approach to each client

Each client receives an individual prescription of vitamins based on personal parameters, we add the result of a blood test to this and personalize the packaging.
Our managers are always happy to answer any of your questions, in chat, instant messengers, by phone or by mail.


Examples of vitamin recommendations created by our algorithm based on information from a free test

Amira's personal recommendation:
Zinc for skin problems
Magnesium + Folic acid reduces stress and supports the body
Melatonin for good quality sleep
Vitamin A for skin support
-Leads an active lifestyle, works a lot, often late. Does not consume non-Halal food. Wants to get rid of acne.

Goals: improve skin health, less fatigue.

“I live in Dubai and the high-quality level of service, the convenience of receiving it and, most importantly, speed are very important to me. Just as a Muslim, it is important for me that the vitamins are Halal! I found all this in Vitamania. I am glad that professionals are taking care of my health.”Бизнесвумен
Beauty salon owner, cosmetologist
Adriana's personal recommendation:
Magnesium + B Vitamins to cope with stress
Zinc for skin and hair
Coenzyme Q10 to strengthen the body
Flaxseed oil for joint support
-Works a lot, has an irregular work schedule, goes in for horseback riding, and takes care of the health of his skin and hair.

Goals: reduce stress levels, cope with joint pain after a professional sports career

“I like that the complex is assembled for me conveniently, quickly and without visiting a doctor, this is important to me, my rhythm of life will not allow me anything else”
Nikita's personal recommendation:
Vitamin E to protect nerve cells when making important decisions
Vitamin A for dry skin
Vitamin C to strengthen the immune system and the body as a whole
Magnesium + B Vitamins to cope with stress
- Works a lot and irregular hours, goes to bed late, loves to travel, but does not support active recreation, monitors the general health of the body, struggles with dry skin

Goals: greatly reduce stress levels, improve skin condition and maintain overall body tone

“I am glad that VITAMANIA takes care of my health, the doctors put together a complex and conveniently deliver it straight to my home, never before has it been so easy for me to take care of myself.”
Photographer, traveler,
Alexandra's personal recommendation:
B vitamins support the nervous system and improve sleep
Iron to combat pigmentation
Vitamin D to strengthen the immune system
Vitamin C to support immunity and fight pigmentation, for iron absorption
-He often travels and walks a lot, but often gets sick while traveling. Sleeps poorly due to obsessive thoughts. Suffering from pigmentation on the face. Has lactose intolerance.

Goals: improve health and get sick less, don’t like age spots.

"Many of my friends have been ordering complexes from VITAMANIA for a long time because of their quality and favorable price compared to other companies, I also decided to try. The attitude towards customers and the ease of use of the platform pleased me"
Work in finance and audit
Individual recommendation from Vladimir:
Vitamin C immune support
Magnesium + B vitamins fight stress and support the body
Chromium picolinate regulates sugar levels and fights excess weight
Vitamin E concentrates attention and strengthens nerve cells
-Most of the time is busy at work, there is no time to eat normally and exercise, low level of activity. Suffering from diabetes.

Goals: improve health.

"VITAMANIA complexes are suitable for diabetics and help me establish my body's regime"
Professional basketball player
Alexey's personal recommendation:
Coenzyme Q10 supports the body during sports activities
Vitamin A support body systems
Calcium strengthens bones and joints
Flaxseed oil to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and combat high blood pressure
-A professional athlete, spends a lot of time in the fresh hot air of Dubai, sometimes suffers from low blood pressure and loss of consciousness.

Goals: increase endurance.

"My sports career does not allow me much time to think about how to maintain my health, doctors take care of me, but their recommendations are limited to those related to sports and my performance, and VITAMANIA supports my body for me and helps me cope with problems that I could don't even think about it"
Blogger, student
Eva's personal recommendation:
Milk thistle oil supports the walls of the liver and gastrointestinal tract when drinking alcohol
Magnesium + Folic acid reduces stress and supports the body
Iron replenishes iron deficiency when giving up meat
Vitamin C for better iron absorption
-She gave up meat, leads an active lifestyle, walks and studies a lot, often late into the night. He likes to spend time with friends and often drinks alcohol.

Goals: improve health, get less tired.

“VITAMANIA are the best vitamins that could be invented, after 3 months of taking it I can already see the result, I am less tired and can cope with my rhythm of life more easily!”

VITAMANIA products are certified according to international standards GMP, ISO and HACCP

VITAMANIA compositions are absolutely safe for humans and the environment

GMP, ISO22000 and HACCP certified
Components come from EU suppliers
The boxes are made of paper that can and should be recycled
Does not contain dyes, preservatives and GMOs
The components do not contain harmful impurities
Supplements are not tested on animals
Hypoallergenic formula developed by our specialists

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