Get checked up for vitamin deficiency and receive a complex for only 1199 AED

For those who value high-quality and quick results, we put together a blood test package at the lowest prices

VITAMANIA - a service for selecting vitamins for the individual characteristics of each person

We offer the most accurate way to determine vitamin deficiency - a blood test. Based on the analysis, our specialists will select a vitamin complex for your body condition.

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After payment, you take blood with our partner at your home. Completion time is from 1 to 3 working days. You will receive the results by email/messenger immediately when ready. Partner (DHA license no. 7848044).
A personal manager from our organization will be assigned to you; you will need to send the results of your tests to the manager or here. You can resolve any of your questions with your manager.
After processing the result and generating the recipe, your manager will contact you to clarify the time and date of delivery of the complex.

24 hours before blood collection:

Limit fatty and fried foods, do not drink alcohol.

Avoid heavy physical activity.

From 8 to 14 hours before taking blood test, do not eat food, drink only clean, still water.

Before blood collection:


It is better to make an appointment in the morning.

Be in a calm state for 15-30 minutes.

No smoking for 60 minutes.
Within 24 hours, maximum 3 working days, you will receive the results by email.

These results must be uploaded here or forwarded to your manager.

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