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We started our work in 2021, and in 2022 we opened in Dubai, UAE. Clinical research, continuous algorithm training and the VITAMANIA database help analyze and track the health status of each person and offer smart solutions to manage your body.

Our clients are our greatest value, for their sake we improve our service every minute!

Clients and users

We will quickly deliver the complexes and provide the fastest support.
We made the simplest and most understandable user path!

Personalization and “user's pain”

Product and service quality

We create services and approaches to make life easier for users!
We develop new products!
We do individual research for each user!
We provide our clients with the best vitamin complexes, made from selected components and do not lose quality over time.

Our mission is to raise a nation of healthy people

In our digitalized world, every person should be able to manage their health, improve it without much effort (even without leaving home), and it must not be expensive!

Every individual should have the right for personalisation - that is, to receive a special vitamin recipe! VITAMANIA was created by our team precisely for this purpose, we value every client as a dear friend!

High quality—affordable price!
Complex of vitamins and blood test for 1199 AED

The price is TWICE LOWER than in other clinics

One blood test in clinics costs from 1000 AED,
Along with the blood test, you receive a complex of vitamins for a month and recommendations from our specialists.
You can renew your subscription at any time or immediately buy the complex for several months

The team that helped bring the VITAMANIA algorithm
to life for you

Bugaevskii Nik

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of VITAMANIA, BSc at London School of Economics. Member of the investors' hub DIFC Dubai. MSc in Biotechnology at Harvard Medical School Dubai

Adriana Asker

Co-founder of VITAMANIA, ideological inspirer, beauty salon owner Adriana Asker, cosmetologist PhD General medicine

Every individual should have the right to individuality - that is, to receive a personalized vitamin prescription!

Biomarkers in the database

Biomarkers are the parameters that we evaluate to understand the state of your body


We are growing every day and thank you for trusting us!

Tests passed

Vitamin combinations

Approximate number of possible combinations of vitamin recipe options
Number of times our health questionnaire is completed to recommend vitamins
70 +
18 000+
10 mil


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