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Russian service VITAMANIA

Within a year, about 10 thousand people began to use the service.
  • Today, the biopharmaceutical company BioCAD, the Investment in the National Economy fund and the 500 Startups accelerator from Sberbank are planning to invest in VitaMania, the company announced. The parties have not yet disclosed the valuation of the startup.
  • The company plans to spend money on expanding abroad, increasing the range of vitamins and production capacity, as well as deeper training of the neural network algorithm for selecting recipes. Developments are also planned in the field of (biosensor patches) for monitoring the state of the body and other SmartMed products.
  • The startup was founded in 2021 by Nikita Bugaevsky and Adriana Asker.
VitaMania achievements.
Prices for complexes:
- A basic subscription costs 2,299 rubles per month, as we have already seen above.
- Premium together with a blood test will cost you 7999 rubles per month. This amount includes 120 vitamin capsules (4 different vitamins per day) and a personal recommendation.
Prices are lower than the market, considering that on average, tests for vitamin deficiency can be done for +-15,000 rubles, since vitamin reagents are too expensive, and 120 vitamins in a pharmacy will cost around 4,000 rubles.
According to the company itself, such a low price is due to the fact that the company’s partner, the LAB4U laboratory, provides VITAMANIA in advance with the opportunity to purchase blood tests in packages at reasonable prices, which allows them to set such a low price.
VitaMania tariffs.
After studying the information, our editors decided to order a premium complex for ourselves, I went and got tested at the nearest laboratory. The analysis arrived within 1 day. I sent the result to VITAMANIA, they created a recipe and within 2 days a personal box with 30 cells for each day arrived in Moscow. The vitamins taste very pleasant and taking them did not cause any disruptions in my gastrointestinal tract, which is also important.
The features of the service are that they provide the opportunity to take a blood test for vitamin deficiency and AI recommendations at reasonable prices, their vitamins consist of 98% natural ingredients and are produced in the EU, the boxes are 100% recyclable.