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Which vitamins to choose?

At the end of 2021, the e-commerce market is growing very strongly in Russia; for 2022, the increase in the number of orders in the 1st quarter amounted to about 580 million, which is 93% higher than the same period in 2021. Sales volume is about 4.1 trillion rubles, which is 52% higher than last year. Such changes greatly influence the emergence of new players and modify the structure of e-commerce. It’s no longer enough for people to simply order and choose goods themselves; there are too many goods, and people get lost in the variety of choices.
Services based on artificial intelligence are increasingly gaining popularity, offering personalized recommendations for purchasing a particular product based on the user’s personal parameters. This model has taken root very well in Russia.
The DTC market has become so popular because it solves the user's problem of choice, it tells him what to buy, and this model allows direct communication between the user and the manufacturer and allows personalization to take hold. DTC also allows you to remove unnecessary intermediaries from the chain and reduce the cost of goods.
In the West, various options for “boxes”, surprise subscription boxes that come to you every month, are extremely popular. For example, there may be cosmetics, a coffee set, a body care set and much more. The user does not select these products, he chooses a topic, pays for a subscription, and every month something new is recommended and delivered to him.

Further in the article we will analyze the phenomenon of VITAMANIA and other players in the Russian market of services for selecting dietary supplement products.
Not long ago I came across the service and was pleasantly surprised by a new player in the market of personalized dietary supplements.

The concept of the VITAMANIA service is extremely simple. You need to perform 1 action to get your results: take a free test in a Basic subscription or 2 actions: take a free test and get tested in a Premium subscription, then doctors and the AI algorithm will put together a complex for you.

Without a doctor’s recommendation, without leaving home, based on a special questionnaire or blood test, the user is given a prescription for vitamins, then the complex can be ordered for home delivery, simply and conveniently.

What surprised me most was the price of these complexes; it does not vary depending on its composition. The basic subscription costs 2,299 rubles per month, and the premium, together with a blood test, costs 7,999 rubles per month. This amount includes 120 vitamin capsules (4 different vitamins per day) and a personal recommendation, which in my opinion is ideal. Finally, we found a service that gives us personalization at a competitive price.

The prices are extremely low, considering that on average tests for vitamin deficiency can be done for +-15,000 rubles, since vitamin reagents are too expensive.

I contacted support and, as they explained to me, such a low price is due to the fact that the company’s partner, the LAB4U laboratory, provides VITAMANIA in advance with the opportunity to buy blood tests in packages at reasonable prices, which allows us to set such a low price.

After studying the information, I decided to order a premium complex for myself, went and took a test at the nearest laboratory, the test arrived in 1 day, I sent the result to VITAMANIA, they generated a prescription and in 2 days a personal box with 30 cells for each day arrived in Moscow. The vitamins taste very pleasant and taking them did not cause any disruptions in my gastrointestinal tract, which is also important.

The features of the service are that they provide the opportunity to take a blood test for vitamin deficiency and AI recommendations at reasonable prices, their vitamins consist of 98% natural ingredients and are produced in the EU, the boxes are 100% recyclable.

I believe that such projects are especially relevant in our realities, no one has the time or desire to go to doctors, subscription vitamins are the ideal solution to this problem. This is much better than taking vitamins haphazardly; here, like everywhere else, you can order complexes online, but consultations with a doctor are replaced by AI and are outsourced to the company’s doctors.

Previously, I accepted products from other companies:


- a site where you can order dietary supplements online, I was once a stupid girl and ordered tons of vitamin D from this site, not knowing that vitamins should not be taken haphazardly. Of the minuses, I can answer that they no longer deliver to Russia and that this is an ordinary store, you will not receive any recipes or recommendations here.

Features: ability to order any dietary supplements.

Vitobox - personalized vitamins by subscription. The service is not new, I ordered a complex from there. The downside is that you cannot take a blood test for vitamin deficiency, which is important for me, since I want the most accurate recommendation. In terms of prices, they vary here depending on your recommendation, my recommendation on average was 2900 rubles. Typically prices range from 2000 to 3500 rubles per complex for a month.

Features: boxes made of 52% eco-materials and vitamin components from the EU.


- also a service for ordering personalized vitamins by subscription. I ordered from there only once and the downside I really didn’t like was the high price of the complexes and delivery to Moscow up to 3 weeks. I understand that the company is foreign, but for me, unfortunately, this is not suitable. When ordering a basic complex, the amount comes out to about 7,000 rubles, I’m generally afraid to talk about premium, the complex itself is about 10,000 rubles + a blood test (separately) for 15,000 rubles. Their advantage is that they provide a blood test and their Swiss granules are a new technology in the production of dietary supplement products. But, unfortunately, the cost makes them too premium in the market segment.

Features: serious research about vitamins, the ability to take a blood test for vitamin deficiencies, and unique granules instead of capsules.

What are the conclusions?

The DTC model really brings great companies to market, the main thing is that the model does not turn into just another sales channel for products, but creates new interesting projects and makes the lives of users better.

As a result, we see that the market is gradually becoming saturated with new players who bring something new and unique. In 2022, I give my choice in favor of the VITAMANIA service and will continue to order from them, they please with their prices, quality and their concept, but the choice, as always, is yours, which player to choose.

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