Premium Kit + Blood test for vitamin deficiency

The set of vitamins includes:
Blood test for vitamin deficiency
Health questionnaire
Personalized complex

The premium complex will be compiled for you after you have taken a blood test to determine vitamin deficiency in the body to more accurately determine the prescription specifically for your parameters.

(You can read MORE about taking the test here)

After reviewing the results of the blood test and questionnaire, you will be presented with a prescription that will consist of 4 vitamins for each of the 30 days to be taken orally daily.

A personal manager will be assigned to you for any questions you may have. You will receive a personalized set with all the necessary recommendations and the vitamins themselves inside!

  1. You click on the "Buy" button
  2. After payment, you will receive an email/message with a unique link to sign up for a blood test (you don’t need to pay anything else, just order the test at home)
  3. You get tested at home through our partner
  4. After receiving the result, the partner will send a letter with your result by email, you will need to follow the link in the letter to send us your result, or send the result to your manager, or upload it to a special form in your personal account on our website
  5. After processing the result and generating the recipe, your manager will contact you to clarify the time and date of delivery of the complex

lwh: 230x50x70 mm

Weight: 900 g